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Fixes To Unstable Or Slow Wireless Network

It is not wonder that people experience unstable or slow wireless  networks. It happens because of various means like wrong setup or configuration, wireless interference, wireless security mode incompatibvle, overloading and many more things. I wil suggest you solutions on troubleshooting an unstable or slow wireless network. 

Solution 1 

The position of your router can affect your coverage area and the strength of your signal. If you have a modem, you don’t have to kep the router in close proximity to your modem. Router should be in a cental location of your home. If you keep it in a room off to the side of your huose, you will not get as strong a signal on the other side of your house. 

Place the antenna of your verticall, so that it could get proper signal. Antenna can be placed horizontally, but putting it in vertical position is trhe best idea. 

Router should be kept on a desk, not directally on the floor. It may create problems. You should also pay attention tp the kinds of materials near the router. For example, signals can travel through a wood desk easily, but a metal will obstruct the signals. 

Solution 2 

If several computers or devices using the tenda router at a same time, it will give late response to new requests. The device which is not in use, kindly disconnect that device. 

Solution 3 

Interferance from other wireless networks in the area can cause issue with your wireless signal.when multiple wireless networks are competing for the same chanel, an unstable and slow wireless network comes.  

Solution 4 

Change the security mode which might help in resolving wireless security mode incompatibly. For a tenda device, you can select WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal and many more. 

Solution 5 

Maunually assign a proper IP address for your wireless device, which must be within the same range of the router’s Ipaddress. An unstable or slow wifi may simply caused by overloading. You can also power cycle the tenda device. Power on the modem first, and then the tenda device. And wait for its light on and then turn on the computer device. 

Solution 6 

Keep the router far away from the rainy areas. In rainy season, it behaves abnormal. So be awae of that. Sometiomes, rats used to cut wire of wired device. So also protect it from insects. 

Solution 7 

Check yopur antivirus software, just turn it off to check. If you find the problem is caused by the anti-virus program, remove it anmd install another one. 

Solution 8 

If you tried every above tricks, you should try to upgrade the Tenda device’s firmware if any bugs exist. You should also cover a large area with a wireless signal. 

Hopefully, the above suggestions may helpyou to solve your all router’s issues.for more Tenda Router Support you can also contact them at Router Customer Support Number.

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