Various Methods OF Repairing Google Chrome

There are lots of potential culprits that may cause Google chrome misbehaving. A fault internet connection may causes problem for chrome browser. Chrome is easy to repair if worst come to worst, reinstalling chrome from scratch will take time. 

Method1. Checking internet connection 

  1. Open the different browser 

  2. Error you are receiving because of poor connection of internet. The easy and fastest way to check it is to open another browser and try to visit some websites. While loading website the error appear because of worst internet connection. If you are receiving error for your website, it means your site is probably down or may be not responding properly. 

  3. Check network connection 

  4. First make sure to yourself that your internet cable is properly connected to the router via Ethernet. If it is connected well it means you have a good signal. 


Method2. Disable the extensions 

Click on the menu button and then select Tools 

  1. An extension you have installed may cause problems. First disable all the extension of your pc after then enable them one by one so that you can find the one which is causing the problem. 

  1. Uncheck  all the extensions 

  1. Restart your chrome 

  1. Test the browser 

  1. Enable extensions one by one until you that one which may cause problems 


Method3. Turning off sandbox mode 

  1. Right click on the chrome desktop shortcut 

  1. Sandbox mode is a security feature for the chrome that may cause blank page. Try to disabling it to see if you may reload web pages. 

  1. Select the properties 

  1. Click the short cut tab 

  1. Add no sandbox to the end of the text for target field. 

  1. Now click ok 

  1. Start chrome using the shortcut 

  1. If you will load web pages, then there is something wrong with sandbox mode. This may be by corrupted files or may be by malware infection. It is worst to browse the web while not in the sand box mode, so you can close chrome and you may further proceed to remove the malware. 

Method4: Clearing local storage folder 

  1. First close all the chrome windows 

  1. Open the control panel and after that select folder options 

  1. Click the view and then after that select hidden files, folders, and drives after that click on ok. 

  1. Navigate to a chrome user data folder 

  1. Delete all the files  

  1. Launch chrome 


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If you have any problem while regarding Google chrome browser then visit chrome support number center



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