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Gmail support OF iPhone


iPhone Gmail app IOS 10 

In this post, I will tell you how to set up an email signature on iPhone Gmail app IOS 10 

When the customizing signature of the email is finished, then email signature will provide you the HTML code to set up your email signature on iPhone running IOS 10 with Gmail installed. 

Follow the steps: 

1.       Step: now you have to do the first thing is setup your email signature in your web-based version of Gmail. If it setup once in the web-based version of your iPhone, then your iPhone automatically use the email signature. 

2.       Step:  now email signature is added to the email message sent from iPhone if the user is the Gmail app on IOS 10. 

  Why is the email signature not showing in Gmail app on IOS 10? 

  When you are creating email message you will not see your email signature in the email preview. To cross check it, it has been included you send yourself a test email. 

  You need to turn off if you have an option of mobile signature in the Gmail app itself, and if you previously include a mobile signature in the option then you have to turn off. 

  You can do it also by option cog icon > mobile signature > off. 

  Native Mail App 

  The native Mail app on the iPhone…touch has become stronger with each version of the IOS and supports multiple Gmail accounts. 


How to set up a Gmail account on your IOS device? 

Solution:   To make set up of a Gmail account on your IOS device, follow these steps 

Step  1.  Head to settings >Mail 

Step  2.  Contacts 

Step  3.  Calendars > Gmail 

  Now a dialogue box appears which introduce your Gmail login information and you are done. 

  Free Gmail app 

As we know that Google has its own Gmail app which is freely available on the app store. The biggest asset of the app is pushed notification, push notifications has its full support. So that you will be alerted in real time about the email, which you have from the app. 

  Gmail has native support for both labels and starring emails, which work just as a web interface of the Gmail. 

  The latest news is that Google has the latest version of its Gmail app for IOS which supports multiple accounts. 

  If you have any problem regarding Gmail support then visit this site  ...NAKED URL 

If you have any problem related to the Gmail FAQ’s then visit GMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT NUMBER. 



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