Solution to MS Office Issues with Windows 10

This post contains some easy solutions to the problems which are faced in using Microsoft Office on Windows 10. People can go through the post and find the best solution to their problem.


MS Office is the known product of Microsoft worldwide today. MS Office was launched for office related applications and services which make the work easy for every organization. It is the package which includes Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word in it. MS Office has developed for Windows platform in the starting but later on for Mac users also.

Now let us know some of the common issues which users are facing in using MS Office with their new Windows 10. I have also covered solutions to some problems.

1.    Cannot find MS Office on Windows 10

This may be due to the Windows 10 feature problem as the Office is not pinned to the Start menu. It is also not found on the taskbar also. For opening the MS Office, you have to search it in the Start menu and then pinned it to the Taskbar so that next time if you want to open the MS Office, you can do it easily.

For further technical support on the MS Office, just contact the MS Support Team member for any technical assistance related to their product by visiting

2.    Getting error while opening MS Office documents on Windows 10

For solving this error, first open your any MS Office application like Excel and do the following thing to make your MS Office to install the latest updates:

•    Open file.

•    Select Update Now option in the MS Office Account.

Your error will be solved easily by going through the steps.

3.    All versions of Outlook got affected

This is the latest issue which has been noticed nowadays in many systems having Windows 10. The Microsoft Outlook window doesn’t open due to a crash of Outlook application of MS Office. Users cannot open the set of files in their Outlook. The technical engineers of Microsoft are still working on this issue for finding the easy and correct solution. It is one of the most common problems occurring in Windows 10. Let us see how much time it takes to solve this problem and provide the solution to the users.

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